Getting My MOOC On With Udemy

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are one of the hottest and greatest phenomenon online. These sites are guided by the notion that education cannot and should not remain in the halls of academia or other establishment. Knowledge is power, and MOOC websites seek to spread that power around.

Udemy was founded in 2009 by three individuals who sought to make education easier, and to reach a wider audience. They wanted content that will be produced by the websites users, unlike MOOC websites like Lynda or Coursera.

learn yesThere are over 8 million students subscribed to Udemy. The website hosts thousands and thousands of courses, on nearly every topic imaginable. These courses are taught by instructors. Some of these instructors are certified, and others are merely experienced. Udemy has quality standards, and as long as you can uphold them, you can teach.

Because of this method of user-generated content, the website does have some disadvantages when it comes to quality assurance and control. Udemy relies heavily on student feedback, because hundreds of new courses are added each and every month.

Whether you are interested in learning a new language or programming skill; starting a business or getting ahead at work; become more productive around the office or the house – Udemy can make all of that happen. It is a way for you to improve yourself, at your own pace, on your own terms.

The courses on Udemy are either free or paid. Sometimes, certain instructors will open up tutorials and intro courses free of charge, so you can get an idea of the course and who its instructor is. Some courses are similar in nature, and they are taught by different instructors. It is up to the student to figure out what works best.

Udemy is constantly growing, and its staff is always updating the database, removing low-quality content and/or instructors, and improving on what is there.great

If you are looking for a way to learn a new skill, or perhaps develop an existing one, Udemy is a great starting point, and with it, you really feel as though the world – and its wealth of knowledge and wisdom – are all at your fingertips. Not everything can be taught online, but those things that can? Well, Udemy is where you will find them. Want more information? You can find great reviews on all the online learning websites at and other education blogs.

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