Living a More Natural Life

I’m very excited to say this is my first blog post here at with more on the way. In this day and age of internet and pollution I have tried to scale back and try to live a more natural life, “back to nature” if you will. But to many this is a very vague idea. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how many times I have been asked what exactly I mean by natural living. Communication

In a way I have no exact idea of what it means, only what it means to me. I feel that as humans we have lost what it means to be human. Communication, understanding, and general empathy is what has got us this far. I am well aware that there are many people who would argue that the lack of all three is what has really got us here and in a way they are right. But in my opinion it is only through mutual understanding that we can right the wrongs that the human race has created.

Natural living does not only include how we relate to each-other. It also has to do with how we personally relate with our world. The foods we eat and the products we use on a daily basis can have a huge effect on our relationship to the world at large.

I find that for me this means finding products that are produced by companies that are ecologically conscious. Whether using organic soap or buying my vegetables at the local farmer’s market these small decisions help change Back to naturemy world one choice at a time. I am aware that today major corporations use buzzwords like “organic” and “natural” to try and persuade people to buy their products. That is why I personally keep it local by shopping at local markets and local mom and pop shops. The money I spend stays in the community and is used to continue to produce products and produce that are safer and more natural to our environment and my life.

To conclude you have to do your own research and decide how you want to contribute to a more natural lifestyle. It means different things to different people and to me that’s a beautiful thing. Be sure to check for the most recent blog posts here at……..

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