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Unless you’ve been living under a rock – and if you are, my congratulations! How ever do you pull it off?! – you are aware of Nutrogena. It is a company which has existed for nearly a century. In cosmetics terms, that is relatively old. It is nice to have such companies around. Companies like Garnier and Rimmel as well, which have been around for over a cpretty hair and faces 2entury!

So, Nutrogena is a leader in its field, and it got to this position because of A- how amazing their products are, and B – how innovative their research and development department is. They manage to stay at the forefront of the beauty industry, in a world where new ideas and products are popping up every day. And trust me, it takes more than a name to keep you in business these days. Regardless of the name, people will drop you like a hot potato unless you deliver results. A name will get you somewhere, sure, but it will only get you so far.

In 1994, Nutrogena was taken over by Johnson and Johnson, and now its products are being distributed in close to 80 countries. That is a massive upgrade considering their rather humble beginning. This is a copmany which had to struggle to get by, and the tenacity of its founders and the loyalty of its customers has kept it going. Also, the science and nature behind their products is evident, and many people around the world can appreciate that.

The company releases many different types of washes, cleansers, shampoos, moisturizers, make up and beauty supplies, and even sunscreen. Skin, body, hair, lips – anything you want, pretty much. And it does it with a touch of class to boot.

This Nutrogena ‘all-in-one acne control’ review, by Maple Holistics, is one worth looking at. It is a daily scrub which battles acne on both the short- and long-term fronts. It is not too aggressive to be considered medical – thus becoming prescription only – but is not so mild as to be considered ineffective. You’ll have to try it on your own and see if it is able to help you out. And it does not need to stop with acne, necessarily. Many facial irritations or inflammations can be treated and subsequently prevented with use of the Nutrogena line of products. Does it work for everyone? nope . pretty hair and faces 1We have different types of skin and different genetic makeups. But, it does seem to be very helpful to a wide percentage of those who use their stuff. Nutrogena keeps you look refreshed, hydrated, and clean. And it does so with different blends and in a safe and secure manner. Not all companies are so quality-oriented, but Nutrogena is committed to delivering the best. Obviously they are still out there to make some money, just like any other company. But there is a sense of treating their clientele with more respect and understanding their needs. I like that about this company, and it is partly why I keep coming back to them.

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