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Putting In Purple Shampoo

Welcome back to Brandknewday, i hope you enjoyed my first blog post. Many hair care products have a niche market. It comes with the territory, because of the abundance of hair types and styles.

Sometimes, a product is actually called for. Other times, it is simply a clever marketing ploy. This fine creation, Putting purple incalled ‘purple shampoo’, is of the former group. It is practically essential for those who wish to maintain their light tones, once unwanted yellow tones begin to make their appearance on that gorgeous nogin of theirs.

Blondes who have brassy hair, and who desire a lighter shade, will do well to remember this next bit: purple is the new blonde. Did I just make that line up? Absolutely. Is it true? Absolutely.

If you use purple shampoo once a week (or whenever your hair becomes a bit too brassy for your taste), you will find that your hair keeps its color for longer. This is because the purple in the shampoo cancels out the yellower colors in your hair, leaving it lighter and more unified.

There are many kinds of purple shampoos in today’s market, and I am not here to recommend a specific one. Why? Because when it comes to hair care products, it really is a personal thing. A matter of taste and preference. Also, what works for me and my hair type won’t necessarily work for others. I mean, yeah, I could recommend a product until the cows come home. After that, I suppose I could use it on those very same cows. Then, I would probably be the target of a widespread smear campaign, organized by the powerful cow association, and then—well, I’ve said enough. The point is, with hair products, there is usually a need for experimentation, and I encourage those experiments. They help you achieve a more personal routine, which is fit for you perfectly. I found some great info on purple shampoo at

Watch out for harmful chemicalsWatch out for ingredients, though. Some shampoos have waaay to many preservatives, parabens, detergents, and other harmful chemicals. Having some less-than-optimal ingredients is okay, just remember that what sits on your scalp eventually makes its way into your body. Do some research, and find one which appeals to you in more ways than that which is written on the price tag. Sometimes, a cheap product is really just that – cheap.

Fly, you fools! Go forth, my fine, funky, fair-haired frauliens!

Blonde power.